About Us

EFINOFIANI is an exclusive fashion brand focusing on Malay female dresses founded by Efi Nofiani. EFI NOFIANI is an offshoot of another successful fashion brand 'Princess Effy', which started as early as 2009. Our main designs are focused for those seeking for exclusive dresses to wear during functions, wedding ceremonies, annual festivities (eg: Raya), company events, or for casual wardrobe collections.

To remain exclusive, we only sell limited pieces for every designs that we make. If you purchase an EFI NOFIANI dress, rest assured that you'd be one of only few in the country to own the particular design. We also only use high quality fabric and materials to produce our proud designs. Check out our 'Signature' lines for our best all-round designs and quality.

On top of designing casual dresses, EFINOFIANI is also well-known for providing packaged dresses for bridesmaids during solemnization ceremonies which typically include exclusive dresses for maid of honors.

Our Lines

We mainly distribute our products on three different lines:

  • KISS - Our KISS (Keep-It-Simple-and-Stunning) lines are for those who appreciate simplicity in their designs yet maintains a stunning overall look.
  • Signature - Our Signature lines are our proud designs engineered with the most efficient use of laces, textile material and concept.
  • Luxury - Our Luxury lines are for those who prefer rich and detailed use of laces, high-quality textile materials and designed with the most elegant concept.

You can purchase your items here online on this website or visit our boutique located in Sutera Damansara, PJ.

Happy shopping!