Batik Kiss

Our KISS (Keep-It-Simple-and-Stunning) lines for the Batik category.

KISS lines are for those who appreciate simplicity in their designs yet maintains a stunning overall look.

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Sarimah - Red Black Flower  (KISS)

Sarimah - Red Black Flower (KISS)

Red  Black With Flower Pattern,  Brings out the best in your features.Materials: High Qual..

RM190.00 RM250.00 // 3 pieces left

Sarimah Blue & Cream (KISS)

Sarimah Blue & Cream (KISS)

Elegant Blue and light cream. Brings out the best in your features.We only make 20 of these, so orde..

RM250.00 // Sold out!

Zendaya Blue (Sig)

Zendaya Blue (Sig)

-Beautiful batik gold kurung modern with stylish wear-on pario skirt-Perfect for any occasionsSizing..

RM300.00 RM450.00 // 4 pieces left

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