Official Agents

Customers can contact our official agents through Whatsapp for early access to new designs and special discounts. We list on this page the official agent's Whatsapp numbers so you can get in touch! (Please be aware that only the agent numbers listed on this page are authorised agents to sell Efi Nofiani products).

PERLIS: (Not assigned - apply)

KEDAH: +60126677725 (Farah)
Instagram: @efinofiani_kedah

KELANTAN: +60104352906 (Fajrina)
Instagram: @efinofiani.kelantan

PAHANG: +601125567822 (Ainaa)
Instagram: @efinofiani.pahang

TERENGGANU: +60123365526 (Aiza)
Instagram: @efinofiani.terengganu

PENANG: +60172048181 (Quiyah)
Instagram: @efinofiani.penang

PERAK: (Not assigned - apply)

SELANGOR: +60136645649 (Mimie)
Instagram: @efinofiani_selangor

PJ/KL/PUTRAJAYA: +60146160146 (Zuraidah)
Instagram: @efinofiani_kl

MELAKA: +60189810789 (Fatin)
Instagram: @efinofiani.melaka

NEGERI SEMBILAN: +60178248872 (Farhah)
Instagram: @efinofiani.negerisembilan

JOHOR: +601123191539 (Atie)
Instagram: @efinofiani_johor

SARAWAK: +60134330221 (Fatimah)

SABAH: +60193252104 (Shaz)
Instagram: @efi_nofiani_sabah

BRUNEI: +6738693600 (Nabilah)

SINGAPORE: +6598300440 (Siti)
Instagram: @efi_nofiani_singapore

UNITED KINGDOM: +447466093600 (Efi)